Electric Stair Lifts : Facts About Indoor Electric Stair Lifts For Elderly

Indoor Stair Lifts

Indoor stair lifts for the home can make a life-changing difference to the quality of life for users and carers.  Having access to a stair lift means that steps and stairways are no longer an obstacle for the elderly and disabled.  The dangers associated with negotiating stairs are greatly minimized and people are able to remain living independently in their homes for longer.

No matter what type of staircase you have, be it straight, l-shaped, u-shaped or spiral, a home stairlift can be custom made to suit.  All quality stairlifts come with seat belts and have sensors that will stop the lift if it detects any obstacles in its path.  Most electric stair lift platforms swivel out at both the top and bottom of the track making it easier for the user to get on and off. Remote controls that can call the lift up or down are optional.

When not in use, most stair lift chairs and platforms will fold up parallel to the stairs to enable easy access for others.  Some give you the option of different fabrics and colors to suit your decor.  Others allow color matching of the track rail to blend with existing paintwork.

Types of Indoor Stair Lifts

Straight stair lifts

Straight stair lifts are the most cost effective and are used on staircases that have no bends or curves.  They are the simplest to install and the end cost will depend on the length of the track required and any options that you decide to include.  If you need to transport items such as groceries or laundry up and down the staircase then consider a crate attachment as an optional extra.

Curved stair lifts

If you have a curved or spiral staircase then a curved stairlift will be required.  For obvious reasons these types of indoor stair lifts need to be configured specifically to your staircase measurements and should never be bought “off the shelf”. For this reason they tend to be more expensive than straight stair lifts. Curved stairlifts work on the same principle as regular straight lifts with all of the same features and options.

Used stair lifts

If you are on a budget or the stair lift is only required for a short time then installing a used stair lift can be a big cost saver.  If this interests you then we strongly recommend that you find a reputable stairlift supplier who can source a recycled stair lift on your behalf.  It will need to match your staircase precisely as well as the users needs, so it is vital that measurements are taken accurately.  Purchasing a reconditioned stair lift from a recognised dealer will ensure that your used stair lift is in as-new condition with all the safety features included.

Standing stair lifts

Sometimes sitting down can be difficult particularly for people with knee or hip problems.  In these cases a standing stair lift may be a better option.  Many residential stair lifts on the market give you the option of either sitting or standing.  These units have a a footrest that can be used as a standing platform.  The chair folds up out of the way and a security bar can be pulled down for the user to hold on to in the standing position.  These stair lift units are a great alternative where there are multiple users with differing levels of mobility.  Another option is the perch stair lift that has a smaller seat in a higher position for users to “perch” upon.

Installation of Indoor Stair Lifts

Electric indoor stair lifts can be self installed but if you are not much of a handyman you may choose to have yours fitted by a qualified installer. Always check with your supplier for any council regulations that apply to installations of indoor stair lifts in your area.