Home And Garden Guide To Andersen or Anderson Replacement Windows

Replacement windows
Andersen windows are one of the top choices for new-home construction and for replacement windows for existing homes. The correct name is “Andersen,” but most people think the name is spelled “Anderson.” In fact, few people search for the term Andersen windows, but there are many searches for Anderson windows and for Anderson replacement windows. Because I want people to be able to find this information, I’ll use both spellings of the manufacturer’s name.
Insert replacement windows
What are insert replacement windows? With this type of replacement window, the original frame, internal casing, and exterior trim are used.
As you probably guessed, insert replacement windows are cheaper than replacing the entire frame. It also requires a lot less labor, and it causes less mess. You’ll get the advantages of more energy-efficient Anderson replacement windows without having to tear out and replace the existing frames and trim.

Replacement windows by Andersen are easy to install.

Full-frame replacement windows

What are full-frame replacement windows? With this type of replacement windows, the original sash and the entire frame are removed. They are then replaced by an entirely new unit.
This type of replacement windows are more expensive, more disrupting, and more labor intensive, but you’ll also get more benefits that you would with insert replacement windows. See the current andersen window costs guide for 2018 – at window-guide.com
With full-frame Anderson replacement windows, you’ll get a tight, weather-proof fit, along with energy-efficient glass. In some cases, your glass-viewing area can also be increased.
Why use Anderson replacement windows?
The Andersen name is known for quality products and has been in business for over a century. Anderson replacement windows are beautiful, well made, and durable. Each replacement window is built to strict standards to ensure customer satisfaction. Anderson replacement windows are also easy to install.
All Anderson replacement windows come with a 20-year limited warranty.
Benefits of replacement windows
Any glass you have in your home on exterior walls, including that in windows and doors, is usually the weakest link in your energy chain. In other words, in hot weather, a lot of heat enters your home through your glass panes, and a lot of the cool air generated by your air conditioning system escapes the same way. In the colder months, the opposite happens. Cold air from outside creeps in through your window panes, while the warm air you want to remain indoors escapes through your windows.
A single traditional pane of window glass has an R value of only 0.91. if this figure is Greek to you, I’ll make a comparison to help you get the big picture: an insulated door has an R value of 15. That means that an insulated door is more than fifteen times more insulating than a pane of glass.
If you replace your single-glass windows with double insulating glass with a 3/16-inch air space, you’ll increase the R value to 1.61. If you use replacement windows with double insulating glass with ¼-inch air space, the R value rises to 1.69. With a ½-inch air space and double insulating glass, the R value of the replacement windows will be 2.04, and a ¾-inch air space for the double glasses will be 2.38. If you choose double insulating replacement windows with the Low-E option, the R values will be even more.
What are low-E replacement windows? Low-E glass has been specially treated to handle UV light better than regular glass. It also helps your replacement windows stay cleaner, with fewer water spots and less dirt, while providing more soundproofing and energy efficiency.
Another option for replacement windows is the triple insulating glass panes. The R value for this type of replacement window, with a 1/4 –inch air space, is rated at 2.56. With a ¾-inch air space, the triple-glass replacement windows will have an R value of 3.23.
What does all this mean for the average homeowner?
It means if you’re not using double or triple-insulating glass replacement windows, you’re paying a lot higher energy bills than you have to be paying. If you plan on remaining in your home for a long time, replacement windows will more than pay for themselves through energy savings. You’ll be helping the planet, too.
Andersen wins 2010 ENERGY STAR “Partner of the Year Award”
Since the ENERGY STAR program began, Andersen has been a part of it, and this year, the company received the “Partner of the Year” award. The title is awarded to products that help homeowners reduce their energy consumption. Not only did Anderson windows achieve this honor, they were also able to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process.
Types of Anderson replacement windows
Anderson replacement windows are the wood-clad windows. These are wooden windows that are protected by a vinyl coating on the window’s exterior. Andersen calls this “Perma-Shield,” and it not only protects the windows’ exterior, it means that you won’t have to paint the window’s exterior. The inside of the Anderson replacement windows have a natural wood finish that can be stained or painted to match or accent the interior of your home.
Anderson replacement windows come in a wide range of sizes, exterior colors, and configurations. Simply check the Andersen window cost guide for even more detailed information. These include double-hung replacement windows, casement replacement windows, gliding replacement windows, awning replacement windows, picture replacement windows, bow replacement windows, bay replacement windows, and special replacement windows for unusual shapes and sizes. In fact, with Flexiframe Anderson replacement windows, just about any shape of window can be custom made for your unique needs. You’ll also have a chopice of grille patterns.
To see the full range of Anderson replacement windows, search online.
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